To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Tales of the Cocktail, we’ve collected the Top 10 Photos shared by our followers on Twitter during the Taste of Trinidad Angostura bitters tasting room. See below for our favorites from the event!

1. @princessabrenda: First cocktail of the morning is the best cocktail when drinking Angostura bitters
2. @JThomasABG: @AngosturaUSA at Tales of the Cocktail!!
3. @typewriterninja: Oh, @AngosturaUSA: What I won’t do for you #totc
4. @GunningThomas: Howdy from Trinidad, NOLA with Angostura
5. @AKAEsquire6: Many Mini #Bitters by @AngosturaUSA
6. @SpindriftSuz: Love in the @AngosturaUSA tasting room
7. @adriancbiggs: @AngosturaUSA
8. @clydedavisjr: Dont be bitter be @AngosturaUSA
9. @TacoLu: Root beer floats but with booze and bitters
10. @DrinkAwayTime: A beautiful bouquet of bitters @totc @AngosturaUSA tasting room