Angostura bitters mixologist and brand ambassador, Jennifer Contraveos, was featured as one of four Chicago bartenders in Time Out Chicago. See the article below to learn the bar tool she can’t live without!

Published on Time Out Chicago July 12th, 2012 by Lauren Viera

Jennifer Contraveos Brand ambassador for Angostura; bartender at Barcito (151 W Erie St, 312-274-1111)

Favorite tool: handmade Lewis bag
Why it works?
Contraveos’s friend made her Lewis bag (She has since turned it into a little business and now sews them for profit), which serves a purpose beyond its utilitarian ice-crushing function: It doubles as a bar-tool-carrying sack. “I can shove everything I need into it to get to whatever event I might be doing,”

Photo: Elizabeth Jochum 07/09/2012