Mr. Loverman was created by Jean-Félix Desfossés, Nader Chabaane and Daniel Carboneau of Le Sam for Invasion Cocktail.

Ye Old Mojito was created by Fred Lafontaine, Marc-André Fillion, Max Claveau and Étienne Villeneuve of L’Gros Luxe for Invasion Cocktail.

Created by JP Gauthier and Alexandre Lefebvre of Huis Clos. This cocktail was presented during Invasion Cocktail.

From Mathieu Aubin and Annie Belzile of Grenade for Invasion Cocktail.

From Louis West of District for Invasion Cocktail.

Courtesy of Katherine Caisse-Roy and Monika Beaulieu from Distillerie.

Crafted for Invasion Cocktail by Charlotte Chevalier, Antoine Foata, Mathieu Thibodeau, Luc Hebert, and Marie-France Halley of La Champagnerie.

Created by Mathieu Aubin and Annie Belzile of Barraca for Invasion Cocktail.

An award-worthy swizzle cocktail courtesy of our Canadian Brand Ambassador, Jonathan Strokowski-Ross. This great drink features a little sweet, a little savory and tons of great flavors.

Amaro di Angostura® continues its winning streak with new awards from the world’s top spirits competitions – it copped two prestigious Gold Medals from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and the World Spirits Awards, respectively.