Kelly Galassi got her start in bartending as most people do – it was a quick way to pay the bills. It was only meant to be temporary; however, the longer Kelly stayed behind the pine the more she fell in love.

A staple on any cocktail menu, Brand Ambassador David Delaney Jr. shares his take on the classic Sangria – complete with Amaro di ANGOSTURA® and ANGOSTURA® orange bitters.

The House of Angostura is known for its iconic aromatic and orange bitters, but what often gets overlooked are the award-winning line of blended rums.

An in-depth look at the various bitters The House of Angostura produces.

This recipe was created by Pastry Chef Max Santiago of The Salty Donut in Miami, FL and adapted by StarChefs for their Miami event.

La Duchesse Karmina was featured during Invasion Cocktail at Shaker Cuisine & Mixologie.

Le Smith Shandy was crafted by Mathieu Aubin and Annie Belzile of Monsieur Smith for Invasion Cocktail.

Dark and Stormy was for Invasion Cocktail by Olivier Campbell of Quai No4.

Brought to you by Isabelle Corriveau and Emmanuel Perrier of Bar Placo during Invasion Cocktail. Print Rhum Old Fashion Ingredients 1 ½ oz Angostura® 5 Yr Rum ¼ oz Chai Tea Syrup Grapefruit Bitters Instructions Combine all ingredients. Serve in old fashioned glass. 4.9.1

Castaway is brought to you by Rus Yessenov, Jo Solares and Pierre Gadouas at Mayfair. It was presented at Invasion Cocktail.