It’s a wrap on Bar Covent Brooklyn 2019! Two days of meeting and talking with the best bartenders and mixologists in the craft has left us inspired. Not to mention we also had a pretty great time hosting attendees at our booth and showing them how both a cocktail and an experience can always benefit from some ANGOSTURA bitters, rums and amaro. Here were some of the highlights:

We kicked off day one with a refreshing welcome cocktail served up by none other than the House of ANGOSTURA’s Chief Mixologist, Raymond Edwards: the Amaro Highball. Some Amaro di ANGOSTURA topped with ANGOSTURA Lemon, Lime and Bitters soda got the party started off right. Throughout the day at our booth, we crafted three signature cocktails for attendees to enjoy: Trinidad Sours, Orange Daiquiris and Bitter Clippers. We also had a visit from an esteemed guest, Global Rum Ambassador, Ian Burrell, who stopped by for a few sips of ANGOSTURA rum and a chat with Raymond and our team.

Everyone came for the cocktails, and if we’re being honest, they stayed for the cocktails, too, but maybe also the mini bitters bottles and to snap a GIF at our Gifyyy booth!




Our Day 2 cocktail menu was equal parts classic and innovative, with the Bitter Last Word, Citrus Fizz and an iconic Trinidadian specialty, the Queen’s Park Swizzle. We also had a blast with Greg Titan of How to Drink, who took over our Instagram for the day as he got behind the bar and tried his hand at our signature cocktails. To close out a great day and an unbelievable show, our chief mixologist, Raymond Edwards, took the stage to educate his audience about the growing trend of Low and No-ABV cocktails that has swept the bar and beverage industry. His seminar explored key techniques and ingredients bartenders can swap out to give the customers who request these drinks an experience they won’t soon forget. He also shared tips on how those who don’t abstain from spirits can try to incorporate these low-ABV cocktails into their repertoire to balance out a couple of Old Fashioneds or to take a slow and steady approach to imbibing responsibly.


While this year’s show went by way too quickly, we thank everyone who popped into our booth for a quick sip and some memories. We hope you’ll continue to follow along with us both here and on our social channels throughout the year until we meet again!





Next week, we’ll be slinging cocktails and dashing with the best of ‘em, by which of course we mean the movers and shakers of the bar and beverage industry at Bar Covent Brooklyn(BCB). Each year, this event brings global cocktail artists and premium brands together to unpack the trends driving our industry and the kinds of cocktails you all enjoy when you head out (or stay in) for a memorable night. In short, it’s an admirable excuse to explore and appreciate cocktail culture at its very finest while learning the latest tricks of the trade.

Our Chief Mixologist, Raymond Edwards, will be onsite showcasing a less-is-more approach to imbibing during his seminar on June 12 (5:30-6:15pm at Demonstration Stage 2 – Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse), Macro-Trend Review: Low-Abv Cocktail Strategies for Bartenders, which will focus on the growing low-ABV and spirit-free cocktail movement. To help demystify the mindful drinking revolution, Raymond will highlight techniques and ingredients you can use to swap out high-proof spirits for low/no-ABV flavors and textures with personality. He’ll also discuss how bartenders and mixologists alike can create and promote these kinds of offerings to their customers who may be looking for a top-notch, spirit-free experience as they head out to their favorite bars and restaurants or opt to imbibe off-premise.

If you’ll be joining us at BCB, be sure to check out Raymond’s seminar and visit us at booth #205! As always, we’ll come bearing some signature cocktails that aren’t to be missed. If you’ll be watching from the sidelines this year, fear not – we’ve got you covered. You can tune into our Instagram Stories @angosturahouse on June 11 and 12 for a front row seat to all the action. You’ll want to be watching when we turn our channel over to a special guest on Wednesday. Take it from us, it’s someone who really knows how to drink.

Until then, we’ll just be here counting down the days. See you in Brooklyn!