The illustrious David Delaney Jr. began his journey with The House of Angostura in 2012 when he was crowned champion of the Global Cocktail Challenge. Since then, he has been spreading the bitters gospel and word of rum around the United States. Five years, countless memories. Read below to hear what his top three moments have been during his tenure as Brand Ambassador for The House of Angostura.

Winning GCC: Naturally, winning The House of Angostura Global Cocktail Challenge was a massive highlight. I was excited to represent a brand I loved for the next year. Throughout that year, I was able to speak on behalf of the brand in London, Greece, Barbados and the US. Little did I know that 5 years later I would still be working as a Brand Ambassador with the brand I grew to love.

Amaro di Angostura®The launch of Amaro di Angostura® was a whirlwind process I was honored to be part of – from being asked my feedback in the development stage, to tasting multiple different variations of the product to, finally, the launch with a two week tour in San Francisco, Chicago, and New York City. It all accumulated on stage at Tales of the Cocktail to accept the Spirited Award for Best New Cocktail Ingredient in 2015.

Represent the Brand: Being able to represent the brand in multiple different facets is a huge honor. We support our consumers through events such as Food & Wine, Cochon 555, and Star Chefs. As well, we represent our brand to bartenders through events like Tales of the Cocktail, MCC, and Portland Cocktail Week. It was also a highlight to create cocktails for a dinner in New York City to support the launch of Angostura Legacy, the world’s most expensive rum.