This week, we are thrilled to take part in Old Fashioned Week 2018, a celebration of one of the most iconic cocktails taking place around the world from November 1-10! Okay, so it’s a little more than a week, but we’re not complaining; in fact, we’d argue this cocktail deserves it.

For the past five years, the Old Fashioned has been named the top-selling and most popular cocktail in the world. Like ANGOSTURA® bitters, the Old Fashioned first hit the cocktail scene during the 1800s. While it has evolved quite a bit over the several decades, it remains a beloved staple that is true to its roots.

The Old Fashioned is featured at nearly every bar, and many establishments even present their own twists on the classic. Whether you order it with whiskey, rum or tequila – garnished with an orange peel or an orange slice, maraschino or Luxardo cherries – there is one thing about the cocktail that has never changed throughout its rich history. The Old Fashioned has never been complete without ANGOSTURA bitters. Without them, it simply isn’t an Old Fashioned, and any connoisseur would attest to that.

That’s why we’re excited to join with bars from across the country to pay homage to the cocktail that brought us all together. Check out the list to see which bars in your neck of the woods are running special promotions in honor of Old Fashioned Week!

Refined as it may be, one of the beauties of the Old Fashioned is its simplicity, creating the perfect opportunity to dust off your bar cart and build one at home. Watch our video as we break down three different ways to enjoy an Old Fashioned and follow along with us on social media throughout the week as we raise our glasses to one of our favorite cocktails. Cheers!