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La Duchesse Karmina was featured during Invasion Cocktail at Shaker Cuisine & Mixologie.

Le Smith Shandy was crafted by Mathieu Aubin and Annie Belzile of Monsieur Smith for Invasion Cocktail.

Dark and Stormy was for Invasion Cocktail by Olivier Campbell of Quai No4.

Brought to you by Isabelle Corriveau and Emmanuel Perrier of Bar Placo during Invasion Cocktail. Print Rhum Old Fashion Ingredients 1 ½ oz Angostura® 5 Yr Rum ¼ oz Chai Tea Syrup Grapefruit Bitters Instructions Combine all ingredients. Serve in old fashioned glass. 4.9.1

Castaway is brought to you by Rus Yessenov, Jo Solares and Pierre Gadouas at Mayfair. It was presented at Invasion Cocktail.

Mr. Loverman was created by Jean-Félix Desfossés, Nader Chabaane and Daniel Carboneau of Le Sam for Invasion Cocktail.

Ye Old Mojito was created by Fred Lafontaine, Marc-André Fillion, Max Claveau and Étienne Villeneuve of L’Gros Luxe for Invasion Cocktail.

Created by JP Gauthier and Alexandre Lefebvre of Huis Clos. This cocktail was presented during Invasion Cocktail.

From Mathieu Aubin and Annie Belzile of Grenade for Invasion Cocktail.

From Louis West of District for Invasion Cocktail.