Not going to lie, we’re pretty sure that Raymond Edwards, Chief Mixologist at the House of ANGOSTURA®, is just as good on the mic as he is behind the bar. Case in point:  Raymond sat down with Bartender Journey podcast host, Brian Weber, to talk all things House of ANGOSTURA and to share an in-depth history of our deep Trinidadian roots.

In their conversation, Brian and Raymond unpacked his intimate knowledge that has been curated during a lifetime of immersion in the craft and the brand. They also explored popular and emerging trends in the mixology industry, such as the growing demand for creative low/no-ABV options and walked through the innovation that has evolved the House of ANGOSTURA from a producer of solely bitters to a powerhouse with a multi-spirit portfolio. As Raymond put it, “ANGOSTURA® is a milestone, a landmark, a movement, and it’s a lifestyle.”

While cocktail enthusiasts and bartenders alike already know that, “ANGOSTURA® changes everything; it adds complexity and flavor to cocktails, and brings out hidden flavors,” not many have had the chance to experience the culture of the brand up close and personally quite like Raymond has.

As a resident of Trinidad, Raymond grew up around the House of ANGOSTURA® and has officially been with the brand for 15 years. In the interview, he explains that the application for ANGOSTURA® bitters is a bit different in Trinidad than it is in other parts of the world. Many outside the island are just learning how bitters can be used to transform food in addition to cocktails. Raymond, on the other hand, has grown up dashing ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters onto ice cream and using it to create flavorful marinades for meat.

Long story short:  you name an application for most anything in the House of ANGOSTURA® portfolio of bitters, rums and amaro, and Raymond has likely tried it. With that in mind, this conversation truly sheds light on his perspective on the vibrant culture of the brand, and the notion that, “there is so much history and so much depth to ANGOSTURA®.”

We’d like to thank Brian for giving us the opportunity to share our story. Click here for the full interview: