The time is here! Eleven world class mixologists from every corner of the globe arrive in Trinidad and Tobago this Carnival to compete for bartending’s most coveted prize: The title of Angostura® aromatic bitters Global Cocktail Challenge Champion.

Last year, one of our U.S. Finalists, David Delaney, Jr., took the crown and will be joining the 2013 competition as a judge. This year, we’re honored to have U.S. finalist Sean Frederick and Canadian Finalist Oliver Stern represent the unique talent of North America in Trinidad.

Meet the 2013 team of world renowned judges who will determine which contestant will take home the grand prize of $10,000, a contract as Angostura’s Global Brand Ambassador and bragging rights as the Angostura® aromatic bitters Global Cocktail Challenge Champ!

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Meet the Competitors!

  • Sean Frederick, Boston, USA
  • Oliver Stern, Toronto, Canada
  • Ryan Mitto, Kingston, Jamaica
  • Dominic Walsh, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Stanislav Mukhin, Ukraine
  • Pankaj Kamble, Mumbai, India
  • Jake Searell, Wellington, New Zealand
  • Egor Stepanov, Moscow, Russia
  • Elliot Ball, London, England
  • Daniyel Jones, Diego Martin, Trinidad
  • Daniel Biber, Buenos Aires, Argentina